About The Agency

The Agency is an innovative "Living Learning" initiative operating through the McKeil School of Business at Mohawk College. It has been created to offer students the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and experience they've gained in their studies by engaging with real clients from the community. Programs involved in the Agency include:

  • Advertising and Marketing Communications Management
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Graphics
  • Journalism
  • Broadcasting Television and Communications Media

The mandate is to provide student engagement with a variety of non-profit organizations and selected start-up companies as a means of preparing them for the demands they will face post graduation. Students are challenged to create and deliver "real world" marketing communications solutions for Agency clients in a professional environment within the McKeil School of Business at Mohawk College.

Some of the non-profit and start-up organizations our student teams have developed marketing communications strategies for include:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Innovation Factory
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Hamilton/Burlington
  • Hamilton Tool Library
  • Supercrawl
  • John Howard Society
  • Bruce Trail Conservancy
  • Dundas Valley School of Art
  • CNIB
  • Cambridge Food Bank
  • SPCA
  • Scleroderma Society of Canada
  • Ranggo (start-up)
  • Tangobits (start-up)
  • Brouha (start-up)